February 4, 2011

Ching Ching

Dear Tom Selleck . . .

Happy Chinese New Year!  No pun in the title intended.

I'm actually writing to tell you about one of my many talents.  Did you know Mr. Selleck, that I play the tambourine?  Oh yes I do!

One time, I pulled my tambourine out of my purse at a bar and started playing with the band and working the crowd.  Guess who was asked to join the band for the rest of their tour?  Yours truly!  And by tour, I mean every Thursday night at the local establishment until Labor Day.

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl


  1. So... you play a mean tambourine? I took djembe lessons... failed. Piano lessons, failed. Hip hop dance classes? Had the whole class in tears... failed the bad ass attitude of hip hop. What's your secret tambourine queen? (heh heh, Imma poet)

  2. Nikki - WTF is djembe?! And not to brag but . . . I also play piano. true story.


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