February 24, 2011


Dear Tom Selleck . . .

Do you sometimes disconnect all of your communication devices and pretend you're invisible?

Sometimes . . . I say the word cigarette over and over and over again.  In different accents.  I love that word!  It even looks pretty in print.  Saying the word cigarette with an accent - any accent will do - is also the password for the gentlemen caller door at my house.

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl


  1. Sometimes I allow myself to believe I'm in a bubble. And in this bubble nothing can touch me. And in this bubble I don't need to work, and all I have to do is read books, watch tv, eat cookies. Oh and make popcorn (old school style in a pot on the stove). With real melted butter. Sometimes I don't ever want to come out of this bubble.

  2. I love the idea of a "gentleman caller" door. Like an actual dedicated door for all the tottie (as Hugh Grant would say).

    You're right about "cigarette". I don't even smoke and I think it's a great word, full of elegance and sexiness with a hint of rough. Like myself. HA!

  3. Nikki - We could live in the same bubble because I will ONLY make and eat old school style popcorn with REAL melted butter! I can't wait to snack with you! Is that weird?

    Veg Ass - Every lady needs a gentlemen caller door. It's only proper. Cigarette? Cigarette. (typed in different accents)

  4. I'm addicted to my EVO, along with Facebook. I wish I had the strength to put them both down and step away. I completely agree about the word "cigarette."

  5. Summer - Would it be bad of me to admit I don't know what an EVO is?

  6. Sometimes, I like to stand really still and try to become invisible so that my pack of children can't hunt me down and eat me.

  7. Chunky Mama - Does that work for you? It never does for me.


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