March 3, 2011

Hard Headed

Dear Tom Selleck . . .

*tee hee* I said hard headed.  *tee hee*  Get it?  *tee hee*

I'm giving you a rare opportunity to step inside my mind.  Don't be scared.  You know how sometimes they make a 'live' TV drama or sitcom?  That's what I'm going to attempt to do here today in this letter.  I don't believe this is something that has ever been done before.  I am certain to go down in blogging history.  I am going to just type whatever pops into my pretty little head today so you can see the how my brain sometimes works.

I had a great aunt who died from Alzheimer's.  We're fairly certain my grandpa had it, but thank God the lung cancer took him first.

For a second I forgot why I just told you that, but now I remember . . . It's because I'm pretty sure I have it.  Alzheimer's that is.  People tell me no, that I'm too young.  But I'm pretty sure this is how it starts.  I fogot (see?  I forgot the r in forgot . . . this is a cry for help)

Ugh!  Mid-sentence and I forget what I'm saying and why.  Dammit!

So let me just tell you about this cool little thing my peeps over at Studio 30+ are doing.  They just started a weekly writing prompt!  This is great because . . .

Oh now I remember!

This is great because I keep starting letters to you, then I get distracted, and when I go back to finish them I can't remember the whole point of why I was writing to you about things like . . . well, mice.

Sssooo . . . This little writing prompt thingy is a great idea for people like me who need to be kept on task.  This week's word is CONCRETE.  I'm not sure why I feel the need to type that so boldly.

When I think of concrete I think of cement and then I think of all the people who have made fun of me for saying see-ment instead of seh-ment which makes them giggle because they thought I said semen and I thought they thought I said seamen and then I giggle because it makes me think of semen and then . . .

 . . . Focus Edie . . .

Ok, so concrete . . . Um, I got nothing.

But nothing reminds me that nothing is concrete.  Especially not in quantum physics.  Oh!  Which reminds me why I was telling you about the mice!  It's because someone tried to tell me they transported some mice through time and space unscathed.  I don't know if it's true, but if it is . . . My life is about to get a WHOLE lot more amazing Tom!

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl


  1. You know what's kinda like cement and makes me giggle? Asphalt. Ass-fault. Another word for buttcrack.
    Reading this post made my head hurt.

  2. Chunky Mama - Reading the post the day after made MY head hurt. No more late night rambles for me! Asphalt! Now that word is making me giggle . . . Must go grow up before I type anything else.

  3. Thank you, thank you thank you! This made me smile. Made me chuckle. And made me cringe (uh, oh - we got that twin sister thing happening again) I think I have Alzheimer's too! I'll be talking and mid sentence I will totally zone out and forget a word, a simple word that's key in the idea I'm trying to get out.

    I know right? Get out of here! Isn't it the scariest thing? Ever?

    Enough to be (shit, forgotten word, in French it's soulagé) to be thankful your Grandpa (I actually wrote uncle and had to scroll back up to check) died of lung cancer. Lung cancer is painful, I've witnessed Booby's best friend die from it.


  4. Nikki - I am terrified that you followed this! TER-RI-FIED!!! You complete me.

  5. I think I always said SEE-ment too... But it does sound like semen. Oh, you said seamen. Like SEA-men? Men that live in the sea?


  6. Jules - Maybe SEE-ment is a regional thing. For that matter, may seamen is too. Are there men that live in the sea? Or is that just what us land-locked kids are taught?


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