March 16, 2012

Clear Blue Easy

Dear Tom Selleck . . .

You're probably wondering how I responded when the sailor asked me to have a baby with him.  After telling him I had my tubes tied five years ago and some awkwardness, we still decided to think about the options.  I told him to google it and email me later and I would freak-out and obsess over it do a little research and think about things.

When I wrote to you yesterday, I really didn't know the right answer.  But after a visit to the shrink, multiple discussions with each of my friends, a lot of googling, a call to my OB/GYN, some soul searching, and a baby that projectile vomited in front of me at the grocery . . . I decided babies are for other people - not for me.  Not for us.

I haven't broken the news to him yet.  It truly was a pleasure just to be nominated!

I have no reservations about sharing my decision with him, but I am a little nervous about what I'm about to propose to him.  I shouldn't be, but I am.  I wonder if this is how he felt.

He's currently a teacher.  I'm going to ask him to come and stay with me this summer.  If at any time either of us decides it's not working, he leaves - no hard feelings.  But . . . We just may find neither of us want him to ever leave.  Then we work on our next big plan.

Wish me luck.

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl


  1. Clear blue easy, bwahahaha!

    I'm not wishing you good luck, bad things usually ensue when I wish that. Instead, I'm going with the prolific saying from my ex - the actor: break a leg. Or as he would actually say "merde" which is shit. But also the equivalent of break a leg. Ever wonder why French people smell? They wish shit upon each other on a daily basis. And then shit happens!

    1. p.s. I'm french. I can say that. But if you call my peeps smelly or stinky, better watch out bitch! wink-wink (or should I say le wink-le wink)

    2. I am terrified of your smelly stinky peeps!


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