January 2, 2013

More or Less and Always on Mondays

Dear Tom Selleck . . .

I'm getting closer to a salary agreement with myself, but my mission statement is still in the works.  In the meantime, I made some notes (on an actual notecard) to carry around with me this year.  It's my list of what I intend to do more or less of.


  • listening
  • writing
  • cleaning
  • piano
  • cooking
  • organization
  • dealing (with shit - NOT drug dealing or card dealing)
  • outdoors
  • fun
  • love
  • reading
  • stretching
  • dancing
  • water

  • speaking
  • snacking
  • smoking
  • worrying
  • complaining
  • reacting
  • cussing
It may seem less than impressive, but it's a start.

While I sit here snacking, smoking, worrying, and cussing (I clearly stated less) . . . I made a deal with the universe.  When I become a very wealthy woman, I promise to always work my Monday shift at the pub.  Always.  I love it that much.

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl

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