February 27, 2016

And I Quote

Dear Tom Selleck . . .

Some of my favorite quotes are my own:
  • I make mission statements, not resolutions.
  • It's a decision, not an ultimatum.
Pretty good stuff.  Don't you think?  The quote I'm most famous for, seeing as though my cousin quoted me on Facebook and tagged me?
  • When there is no right answer and you don't know what to do, ask yourself what makes a better story.  Do that.
Those are words I live by.  All day, every day, I ask myself what makes a better story.  It's almost an obsession at times, but it's what life boils down to.  Stories.  Every moment is a story you will potentially tell someone someday.  A friend, your kids, a stranger at a bar.  You never know when this piece of your life will resurface.  Everything comes down to just words.  A story.  How do you want to tell it?  What makes a better story?

Recently, I have been faced with a tough decision.  That question echoes through my mind.  What makes a better story?  It wakes me in the night.  What makes a better story?  It haunts me in the shower.  In the car.  At work.  What makes a better story?  What makes a better fucking story?

I sat with this one longer than I usually do.  Not just days or weeks, but months.  I couldn't hear the story I would tell someday, no matter how hard I tried.  It just wasn't there.  I couldn't figure it out.  What would make a better story?

Eventually, the story began to write itself, but it left me holding the pen at the chapter before the last.

I wrote him away.  I had to.  For now.

true story.

Edie B. Kuhl

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